Hear Them Roar!

Bert Sheffield

”Thought you would like to know how I got on with Totum Sport –  it is fantastic! I've found this product the best electrolyte kind of thing I have ever taken. No brain slow down in the heat of competition.”

– Bert Sheffield

Bob Burnquist

“Since taking Totum Sport I really feel energized. I can say this is the find of a lifetime. I am going to keep taking it. I hope more and more people get tuned to this because this is one of those magical things that comes once in a lifetime.”

– Bob Burnquist


“I’m a Tennis Coach and have been playing daily my whole life. My experience with Totum Sport is that it keeps me in that well-being feeling and totally focused. The difference between when I take it and I don’t take it is completely different"

– Demian

John Sayer

“Since taking Totum Sport, I have been able to up my mileage by 15%, push harder and also record a lot faster runs.”

– John Sayer

Jules Briggs

“Since I started taking Totum Sport I have felt better hydrated and have more motivation to keep going towards the end of a run!”

– Jules Briggs

Jules Pearson

“Totum Sport has helped me no end. I feel more energized and I recover more quickly. My fitness has improved beyond expectation.”

– Jules Pearson

Nick Holden

“I drive an Ariel Atom and even in the 1.5 hr BritCar Endurance races in hot weather, Totum Sport keeps me hydrated, focussed and able to drive hard throughout the whole day’s qualifying and racing. I take Totum Sport for recovery too and I no l"

– Nick Holden

Peter Moralee

“Totum Sport has definitely taken my running to the next level.”

– Peter Moralee

Paula Brown

“Since taking Totum regularly I’ve never had to end a run early due to a stitch.”

– Paula Brown

Stephen Gibson

“I know when taking Totum Sport I can run everyday, whereas before taking Totum Sport it could take me up to 3 days to recover.”

– Stephen Gibson

Iain Wilson

"Finding more energy after half an hour with Totum Sport, where I used to flag before!"

– Iain Wilson

Keith Lowis

"Totum Sport has certainly provided a boost to my training as I have felt stronger during my runs and it has also aided recovery"

– Keith Lowis

Lynda Clough

"I must admit, my endurance and recovery is certainly improving. Totum Sport I salute you!"

– Lynda Clough

Michael Briggs

“Since taking Totum Sport my headaches and lethargy have decreased significantly. I’m feeling right as rain the next day, reducing the dull ache of DOMS.”

– Michael Briggs

Tim Field

“With Totum Sport, I’ve had no problems with illness and I have also found that my recovery between sessions has been quicker.”

– Tim Field

Tim West

"Totum Sport's biggest benefits for me have been preventing calf strain, which was my main source of slowing down during a race"

– Tim West

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Every batch of Totum Sport is tested by Informed Sport to ensure that it complies with the World Anti-Doping Regulations. You can rest assured that Totum Sport is 100% safe.