Hi, I’m Glenn McCrory, former world boxing champion, and I’m grateful to Totum Sport for backing my campaign to have the subject of hydration in the sport tackled once and for all.

For the sake of the sport’s safety and even, perhaps, its survival we need to find a way to bring an end to the dangers of fighters taking risks with dehydrating to make weights.

We also need to have a discussion about hydration generally in training and on fight nights.

When I defended my world title against Jeff Lampkin in 1990, I was so dehydrated making the weight that I knew I was going to lose the fight even before I got into the ring.

I was so weak and exhausted that my biggest fear wasn’t losing the title, I feared for my life – I genuinely mean that.

Fast forward almost 30 years though and nothing has changed in boxing – the problem has never gone away.

There have been world title fights in 2018 with boxers struggling to make the weight being a factor in defeats and controversy over the lengths fighters have gone to make the weight, dangerously dehydrating before supposedly piling the pounds on after the weigh-in.

Personally speaking, I’ve had a great career in boxing – first in the ring and then in the boxing media – but I’d love nothing more than if my biggest achievement was to help have the subject of hydration in the sport re-assessed.

I’ve become a global ambassador for Totum Sport because it is THE best supplement out there for maximising hydration for all the reasons explained on this website.

And I’m delighted that they are supporting my campaign to make a real difference to the future safety of boxers.

I love boxing. I’m passionate about it and the best thing we can do to ensure it remains a popular mainstream sport is to take every possible care when it comes to safety – and hydration and dehydration, in my view, is the biggest safety issue yet to be resolved.

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