Totum Sport has been endorsed by Men’sHealth as the world’s greatest cardio sports solution.

Our product is the ‘Overall Winner’ of the Men’sHealth ‘Lab Approved’ (Cardio) Supplement 2019 – the ultimate endorsement in sport’s performance solutions anywhere on the planet.

So fussy and thorough are the Men’sHealth editorial team, that they asked the editors of their sister title – ‘Runner’s World’ – to decide for them. The tests were carried out by Men’s Health and Runners World on a range of athletes over hundreds of kilometres, through which performance and stamina was measured with Totum Sport coming out at the very top.

In other words, the ultimate standard of judgement in sport and health asked the best judges in fitness and performance to help them select the greatest Performance and Recovery Hydration solution.

And what they found was the very best ‘Lab Approved’ solution anywhere – and one that is completely constructed by nature and science.

These eminent judges found no evidence that Totum Sport will give you wings. Or Sugar. Or Caffeine. Or additives.

Instead, Totum Sport will power your performance through purely scientific and 100% natural means. Our unique solution replaces every electrolyte lost during exercise, to achieve complete cellular hydration. Our products contain all 78 electrolytes and trace elements, including Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc, required in the perfect proportions for your body.

Because Totum Sport is the most proven solution available in the world it has superior benefits including complete hydration, for better performance, complete recovery, which in turn optimises performance, eliminates cramps and DOMs, and enhances stamina, strength and focus.

Along with our shiny gold Men’sHealth medal, Totum Sport is ‘Informed Sport’ and ‘Informed Choice’ Approved.

Every single batch of our product has been tested to the highest LGC anti-doping standard which ensures our products do not carry any banned substances.