Totum Sport is delighted to announce a new partnership with the League Managers Association.

Totum Sport is the most authentic, scientifically proven hydration solution in football, which improves performance and stamina levels in all training and match day situations.

It is also the most complete recovery solution available, working with the body during performances to enhance the recovery process once game time is complete.

Totum Sport’s partnership with the LMA ties in with the company’s global football strategy which is far reaching, and will next month start selling product into the US, where it has established a presence since its launch there six months ago, with a Chinese launch expected later this year.

Announcing details of the partnership today, CEO and founder of Cellnutrition Sport Ltd John Kelleher, CEO said: “Totum Sport and the LMA are a perfect fit. I am delighted to bring our product to the most knowledgeable and interested membership across all sports, not just in the UK but across Europe.”

LMA Chief Executive Richard Bevan said: “Understanding the impact and importance of nutrition is vital to football managers and coaches throughout the game. The partnership with Totum Sport provides our members with the opportunity to learn from the expertise of nutritionists with experience across multiple sports.”

The 100% natural solution is the only product of its kind which replaces all 78 electrolytes, trace elements and minerals lost through dehydration, and is a key solution in eradicating cramps and improving recovery – maximising performance for all athletes.

Due to sustained levels of hydration throughout matches and training sessions, the risk to injury – particularly in the later stages of game games in lessened – and recovery levels following activity, is far more enhanced.

The product is the most scientific and authentic hydration product of its kind anywhere in the market. Totum Sport is a growing force across football particularly amongst nutritionists, dietitians and heads of performance.

Totum Sport has also introduced its newest product, Totum Sport Nite, which mineralises the body while you sleep, something not available up to now, in the market.

Owned by Cellnutrition Sport Ltd, Totum Sport provides an easy to take supplement in the form of a specially patented sachet, which is safe around dressing rooms and is easy to consume for players, before games, at half time, and post-match.