The day started with a meeting with one of the world’s biggest and most successful clubs, Bayern Munich. Bayern were actually exhibitors at Soccerex and brought their mascot Berni along with the coveted Bundesliga Championship, who knows, it may be the Champions League trophy on show at Soccerex Miami. 

Bayern Munich and Totum Sport

We were then visited by former Leicester City and Sheffield United manager Micky Adams. Micky had heard about Totum and it’s benefits through his close relationship with Jason from Future Lions. Future Lions are a football academy for all ages, with bases in the UK, Spain and China. We had an in depth discussion with Jason over lunch on day 3 – we discussed how Totum will not only enhance the academies performance but also how we can offer expert scientific and nutrition advice to all of his players. Back to Micky Adams, as a former manager Micky knows just how important hydration is for player performance and he took a great interest in Totum and asked some great questions about how Totum Sport can aide player recovery – a recent independent test conducted by the University of Alicante found that Totum Sport reduces the build up of lactic acid by an astounding 46%. After trying multiple sachets of Totum Sport throughout the day Micky was happy to pose with the famous blue sachet. 

Micky Adams - Totum Sport

Then the cameras came, our nutritionist, Marie, was then interviewed at our stand – the interview was regarding how our talk yesterday went – we felt it went very well and our main aim of educating the audience on the science behind Totum Sport and hydration was achieved. 

Totum Sport Soccerex

We had a steady flow of people visit the stand throughout the day and we were asked some fantastic questions by players, representatives and clubs from all over the world. We were visited by Paulina from the Chilean FA, Internacional – the famous football club from Porto Alegre, Brazil, German gaints, Borussia Monchengladbach and the newly formed Chinese Club Zhuhai Black Panthers. to name just a few. 

We have attended many talks throughout the last few days, but the final talk to bring down the curtain on the event was the one we were looking forward to the most. Argentinia, AC Milan and Parma Legend, Hernan Crespo was joined alongside Champions League winter and former Porto, Barcelona and Chelsea legend, Deco. The pair discussed their sporting heroes and their journey to the pinnacle of the game. Crespo’s heroes were Diego Maradona and Mario Yepes whilst Deco’s hero was Zico. 

After the talk the pair took a look around the exhibition hall, Deco was the first to visit our stand and he spoke football and Totum Sport to our CEO, John. Deco took a great interest in the product and we provided him with some samples as we explained the benefits more in an informal settings on the evening. We were then visited by Hernan Crespo, who again spoke football and Totum Sport with the team. 

And that was a wrap! The 2 days had ended, it was time to pack up and plan our return to the UK. We joined the Soccerex team at the London Lounge in Central Zhuhai for food and drinks before retiring at the hotel where we sat with Deco and discussed Totum Sport and his greatest moments in football.

I’m currently writing this blog from 10973m above ground as we make our way back from Hong Kong to London Heathrow, we are due to land at 05:14 GMT and have a 2 hour wait before our connecting flight to Newcastle. Today has consisted of getting from Zhuhai to Hong Kong, which is done via a 70 minute ferry crossing. We then spent the day in Hong Kong – funnily enough we bumped into Wolfgang and Martin Theiss from Borussia Monchengladbach in the Temple Street market, small world! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our experiences at the Soccerex China event. Now the works starts for our next event which will take place in Chicago in July!