There are many factors contributing to sports performance and recovery. Some of these factors are uncontrollable: age, sex and genetics, whilst some are controllable: training and nutrition.

The determining factor for the health of the body is nutrition

Nutrition is usually split into two groups; macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Macronutrients are required in the body in large amounts while micronutrients are required in smaller amounts but are essential for optimal health.

Although food looks the same as it did 100 years ago, unfortunately the nutrient content of food has declined.

Consequently, to ensure we are getting sufficient intake of nutrients to support health, performance and recovery, considering supplementation is beneficial.

Whilst supplements such as protein powder, carbohydrate gels and multi-vitamins are widely used, without sufficient intake of minerals and trace elements these nutrients can’t be optimally absorbed and used by the body.

Totum Sport is a 100% natural mineral supplement, created by nature, providing 78 minerals and trace elements. Each individual mineral and trace element is provided in the correct proportions for the cells to be able to absorb and utilise them efficiently.

How do minerals enhance performance?

At the molecular level, exercise can be split into aerobic and anaerobic.

Aerobic activity, involves sustained effort such as distance running and walking. The body has sufficient oxygen to generate energy.

Anaerobic activity involves quick bursts of effort such as weightlifting and sprinting with insufficient oxygen for the aerobic pathway.

The types of fuels that can be used depend on the type of exercise.

Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen, which is made up of lots of glucose units. Glycogen in the muscles and the liver is a fast form of energy. Glycogen is first broken down to glucose and glucose is then broken down to release energy.

The Krebs cycle occurs inside the cells under aerobic conditions, generating high amounts of energy as adenosine-triphosphate (ATP). This process requires specific minerals including calcium, zinc, chromium, copper, nickel, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and selenium.

When blood sugar starts to decline, the liver breaks down glycogen and sends glucose back into the blood and all other tissues. When liver glycogen is used up, after long bouts of exercise, the liver makes glucose out of amino acids in gluconeogenesis.

Gluconeogenesis also helps to clear lactic acid through the Cori Cycle, converting it back to glucose. This helps to replenish glycogen stores in the muscles. Specific minerals including magnesium, silicon, potassium and sulfur are needed for this process.

The minerals and trace elements in Totum Sport therefore help to regulate blood sugar levels so energy utilisation is enhanced. Ensuring you have stabilised blood sugar is important for maintaining concentration, focus, and oxygen delivery to the muscles towards the end of training.

Why do we need 78 minerals and trace elements?

Minerals and trace elements have many functions in the body alongside energy generation, some of these are listed below.  

Silicon: Works as an enzymatic cofactor for the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is crucial for cartilage, tendons and bones.

Potassium: Works with sodium, zinc and magnesium in the body. Excess potassium in the body (hyperkalemia) is toxic and can cause high blood pressure, muscle weakness and cramps. It is therefore important to ensure potassium is consumed in the right quantities and with the other minerals and trace elements that it works with in the body.

Chromium: Works with insulin to help regulate glucose in the blood.

Zinc: Is part of over 200 enzymatic reactions and is necessary to maintain the immune system.

Iron: Is responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood to tissues. Low levels of iron causes fatigue and can lead to iron deficiency anemia.

Phosphate: The main energy source for metabolic processes and muscle contraction. Related to energetic metabolism as part of the molecule; adenosine triphosphate (ATP).


Although we have discussed some of the vital functions of various minerals and trace elements and their role in health and performance, fig 1 shows that the balanced contribution of all 78 minerals and trace elements is essential for optimum health as they all work together in the body. This is because each element relies on at least 20 other minerals and trace elements to be absorbed and metabolised by the body.

Totum Sport is the only sports supplement on the market to provide all 78 minerals and trace elements in exactly the same proportion as our internal environment.

How do minerals support recovery?

Minerals and trace elements are also essential for the absorption of water and all other nutrients we consume.  

Totum Sport can therefore help to strengthen the immune system to prevent diseases, shorten the convalescence period and provide an anti-inflammatory effect.

Totum Sport should be taken before exercise to reduce cramps and muscle injuries, assimilate other nutrients and delay lactic acid onset.

During exercise, a correct fluid and electrolyte balance is essential for optimal performance, to optimise the functioning of the cardiovascular and thermoregulatory systems.  

Compensating these physiological responses during exercise due to an incorrect balance of fluids and electrolytes increases the cardiac response and redistributes blood flow to active muscles. Additionally, body temperature increases and dehydration is generated due to resultant sweat production. Dehydration negatively impacts performance.

Totum Sport enhances the absorption of other nutrients from food and supplements and reduces the build up of lactic acid. This kick starts the recovery process and reduces the risk of muscle cramp and injury.

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Incorporating Totum Sport into your regime provides a better recovery today for an enhanced performance tomorrow.

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