It was a moment that shocked me. I knew I had to alter my lifestyle – for the better.

On 10th January I settled down with my family to watch the opening episode of Series 4 of Hunted. I did not like what I saw. Frankly I was a lump – a bloody great 100 kg heavyweight lump, with a huge beer belly hanging over my belt.

I shuffled uncomfortably on the sofa, breathed in deeply and tried to convince myself that I wasn’t as fat as I looked on the telly – but I was.

Clearly I wasn’t the only person appalled by what I’d seen, because very soon afterwards, my beloved and concerned family soon presented me with a membership to our local gym.

Time For Change

I started training two or three times a week. Gradually I built up the time I spent on the exercise bike, and increased the weights I used to strengthen my upper body. I was making steady progress, feeling better in myself and rather enjoying it. I’m 59 now so I’m never going to get a six pack or run a marathon, but I had pledged to try and shrink the belly.

Scafell Pike

Then came Jordan – Jordan Wylie. He’s ex-military, a best selling author, an adventurer, a fundraiser and an all round lovely man. He’s also a ‘Hunter’ on the show.

The Hunters had arranged a get together in a London pub to bid me farewell, following my departure from the show. There was a great turnout, a lot of fun was had, all of which was fuelled by a few drinks. And then Jordan made his move.

He asked me if I’d like to have a go at climbing England’s highest mountain, Scaffell Pike, and raise some money for charity along the way. He told me that Sky News’ legendary presenter, and Celebrity Hunted fugitive Kay Burley was doing it, along with the actor Charlie Lawson, of Coronation Street fame.

Jordan is a very difficult man to say no to, especially when you’ve had a drink. You can guess the rest.

It was time to step up my training, big time.

Totum Sport

One of my followers on Twitter saw my posting about my attempt on Scaffell Pike, and recommended Totum Sport to me, as he thought it would help me with my training. I was intrigued.

I contacted Totum Sport and was delighted to hear that their product is 100% natural, contains no added sugars or anything nasty, contains zero calories and more importantly is proven to get rid of cramps and stiffness.

My delivery of Totum Sport arrived last Saturday and I decided to put it to the test the following day. I completed a 3 hour brisk walk where I totted up 10 miles, I took one sachet before the walk, one half way through and one at the end. I hadn’t  walked this far for a very long time and I found that Totum’ helped me go for longer and I felt a lot stronger.

Normally I would be dreading the next day as the stiffness would take over, but when I woke up on Monday I felt as fresh as a daisy with no inhibiting aches or pains.

The shocking tide of bloodshed that has accompanied the current knife crime epidemic, has meant that sadly I’ve been in demand for media interviews. If I know it’s going to be a busy day, I pop Totum Sport into my coat pocket. Previously I would have travelled by underground from interview to interview, but as part of my training, and with the benefit of Totum Sport, I’m now walking instead. If I am forced onto the tube, I make sure I walk up the escalator instead of standing still. If stairs are available, I’ll take them, two at a time!

When I go to the gym, I always take Totum Sport. I’m now going for longer on the bike and pedalling harder. I’m doing more weights and not suffering afterwards.

I cannot wait for the challenge that lies ahead, and I will be writing about my journey of discovery for Totum Sport until after I scale Scafell Pike – so stay tuned.

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