This week’s Elite Sport Expo will cater for all your hydration needs through Totum Sport’s hydration station.
Come and see the world’s most authentic hydration solution at Stand D18, and take some time to rehydrate and rejuvenate as you embark on your journey around this year’s Expo.
We will have experts Dr Marc Bubbs, Max Lowery and Totum Sport’s Head Nutritionist Marie Farag on hand to talk you through the go-to solution for sport’s performance.
Totum Sport will provide you with a fully hydration recharge, and while you’re there, you will learn more about the most revolutionary replenishment supplement in sport.
We will talk to you about your cells, the importance of having all 78 electrolytes and trace elements for total hydration, and how we will eradicate all Cramps and DOMS.
Totum Sport’s Hydration Station is a must-visit for anyone serious about performance and recovery, and our products guarantee improvements in all levels of competition – from the Elite to the Weekend Warrior.
We promise you this – A visit to Totum Sport’s Hydration Station will enlighten and educate you in the most important element to any sport, Complete Hydration.
Come to D18 and get some samples and see for yourself why Totum Sport is disrupting the performance space.