Frequently Asked Questions

Totum Sport is 100% bioavailable meaning all the electrolytes are utilised by your body. It is best to take it 10 minutes before physical exertion on an empty stomach. For more information on bioavailability, visit our ‘High Bioavailability’ section.

The nutrient-rich solution is transported under carefully controlled conditions to the pharmaceutical-standard facility where it then undergoes a double cold-microfiltration process to ensure absolute sterility and safety. Every batch is tested when entering, after filtration (to test pH and salinity), and before going out to the consumer. This is to attain maximum quality assurance. It is then packaged to best practice according to EU GMP guidelines – the far higher accreditation level than is required for food and supplement processing.  It is then stored in unique ready-to-drink sachets with a glass lining to preserve its nutritional properties and prevent contamination.

The vast majority of electrolyte and performance supplements contain a very limited number of electrolytes, are not necessarily 100% bioavailable and often contain sugars and/or flavours that can increase muscle and stomach cramps. The proportions of all the ingredients needs to be correct to ensure the body can utilise them all and not upset the mineral balance within the body either. Totum Sport naturally solves all these problems.

Many different Champions from a wide variety of sports have historically used Totum Sport and kept it secret because they recognised the performance benefits it provides. The contents are ideally suited to maintaining all cellular functions which is why it is so widely applicable and cannot be bettered by synthetic formulations. If you want to be the best and be a Champion you have a better chance if you follow the core practices of Champions. Nutrition is one area where there are no short cuts.

Totum Sport only comes in one flavour – natural sea flavour! Any additions to Totum Sport would reduce its efficacy. With Totum Sport you are buying an elite physiological response that enables your cells and body to perform to its very best. Anything that alters the balance of ingredients within Totum Sport would compromise it’s effectiveness. Totum Sport is a non-compromising product for athletes at all levels who don’t want to compromise their performance.  
NB: Do not add Totum Sport to other products or water it down.

Training 5 days a week for 40mins-1hr requires 2/day on training days in which case 40 sachets should last 4 weeks. Totum Sport should not be considered as a substitute for proper rest days.

Products that carry the Informed-Sport logo go through a full manufacturing audit, and are regularly tested for a wide variety of WADA-banned substances. Informed Sport is an international organisation that independently tests nutritional products to ensure they are safe for elite athletes to take without fear of failing banned substance tests as a result. Informed Sport tests batches on an ongoing basis to ensure this high level of purity is maintained. Informed Sport do not assess what is appropriate or not to be taken as a sports supplement from a performance perspective. They publish a register of products they have tested and found to be clean on their website.

20ml of Totum Sport contains the same amount of essential electrolytes that are lost from the body, primarily as sweat, during 1 hour of hard exercise. This covers most sports competitions or a half in most team sports. For those events that take longer then it is perfectly safe and advisable to take more Totum Sport every hour (or more frequently) as required.
NB: Do not add Totum Sport to other products or water it down.

Dehydration reduces performance. Make Totum Sport an essential part of your training and competition regime in order to maximize hydration and thus optimize performance. Research shows that Totum Sport stabilizes blood sugar and prevents cramps. If you want to be your best and beat the rest, Totum Sport gives you the edge. Don’t risk letting your opponents have this advantage over you.

Totum Sport should be taken 10 minutes before exercise, preferably on an empty stomach to maximise absorption. Totum Sport should also be taken straight after exercise. For events that are a longer duration, an additional sachet of Totum Sport can be taken during exercise.

Organic Totum Sport is harvested under licence from specific areas of the Atlantic. It is completely natural, organic and vegan. It is then transported under carefully controlled conditions back to a Pharmaceutical grade processing plant where it is cold micro-filtered and packaged as a ready-to-drink sachet.

There are definite advantages to taking Totum Sport on rest days too. If you take it when you get up and before breakfast it will aid the absorption of nutrients from your food which will result in improved recovery time and set you up for your day ahead.

There is no upper limit or danger of overdose. Ideal usage depends on the intensity of sport you are doing, it’s duration, climatic conditions and any personal response you notice.

Totum Sport is 100% safe because it contains every mineral and trace element in exactly the correct proportions that your body and cells need them for optimal function. It contains no additives of any type and has passed the rigorous testing procedure to allow us to use the Informed Sport logo as an approved product. Totum Sport is subjected to ongoing batch testing to maintain this status so that any athlete in any sport can safely take Totum Sport without fear of it causing them to fall foul of any anti-doping regulations. Totum Sport has a long history of use in Athletics, Formula 1, Football, Boxing, Kayaking, NFL, NBA without ever causing an athlete to fail a drug test.

Totum Sport is collected from a nutrient-dense area below the plankton blooms in the Bay of Biscay in the Atlantic Ocean. The plankton blooms convert naturally-occurring inorganic elements into the 78 fully bioavailable minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions to support the life and function of our cells. It is harvested 20-30m below the plankton blooms so as not to interfere with them and ensure it remains a fully sustainable process. The nutrient-rich solution is then transported under carefully controlled conditions to the pharmaceutical-standard facility where it then undergoes a double cold-microfiltration process to ensure absolute sterility and safety. Nothing is added to the harvest of minerals – it is 100% natural with no heating or additives. Every batch is tested to ensure it is 100% safe and free from radioactivity. It is then packaged to best practice according to EU GMP guidelines – the highest accreditation available. It is far higher than the standards required for food and supplement processing.

Totum Sport is collected from below the plankton blooms which are not treated or interfered with in any way.  It is 100% organic. Every batch is tested to ensure 100% safety and quality control.

No. We ensure we harvest below the plankton blooms in the Atlantic Ocean. This means that the blooms remain fully sustainable ensuring that Totum Sport is responsibly sourced and suitable for vegans.

Absolutely none. Totum Sport is 100% natural and contains no sweeteners, preservatives or additives.

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